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Important information to clients!!!


Taking into account the situation regarding the spread of coronavirus, when the Government decided to quarantine the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania at an extraordinary meeting, the procedure of supplying services of UAB Daivanta is changing:
• Please go to the office one by one;
• Please enter the office only when there are no other clients in the office;
• When the diagnostic personal arrives, please inform the personal how the car is driving and wait outside for a thorough symptomatic diagnostic of the car;
• The cars will be tested only by the diagnostic personal alone in the car;
When arriving for the oil change work, please leave the vehicle in service and do not wait till the work is done. We will notify you by phone when the work is completed and vehicle is ready to be returned;
• If it is not possible to leave the car, please wait outside of the office;
• Duration of services provided by UAB Daivanta is extended by at least 10-20 minutes due to all necessary preventive procedures;
• We remind you that for the car to be serviced, it is necessary to fill in the order-application and contract form by the office staff, both documents must be signed;
• Pay for services by wire transfer, payments must be executed on site immediately after work is done;
• Please note that it is currently not possible to pay by card at UAB Daivanta;
• Cash is accepted only if the customer does not have the opportunity to make a wire transfer in the office after work is done;
• All of these service changes in the event of an emergency in the country are for your own safety and those of others.

Thank you for your understanding.

Information due to the current situation that is in Lithuania will be supplemented regarding the provision of services or non-provision of services.

UAB Daivanta administration