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UAB “Daivanta” is a specialized automatic transmission (AT) repair service that has specialized equipment for their diagnostics, repairs, oil changes and some for valve body repairs. Additionally provides mechanic transmission repairs, chassis checks, repairs, wheel geometry regulation services. Trades in automatic transmission spare parts, OE and other manufacturers parts orders (for automatic transmission, chassis and other units).

Company activities foundation:

UAB “Daivanta” activities are based on long-term relationships between Lithuanian and foreign partner. Responsible commitments to clients and partners.


To create a data base about various types of transmissions, to achieve comprehensive progress in service provision area, to increase owned market share and to constantly improve companies performance results and customer service area.


To be the most professional and dynamic automatic transmission repair company in the Baltic region.


Responsibly and professionally, provide automatic transmission repair services and to expand provided services fields. Taking in to account customer needs and expectations constantly improving provided services quality. Improve working conditions for company personnel and ensure successful company expansion in the market and new technology usage. 

 Values and moto:

Responsibility – Quality – Professionalism – Reliability – Dynamics

UAB “Daivanta” in provision of automatic transmission repair services follows company ĮST3410213-01 and Lithuania standardization departments LST1438:2005 confirmed standards, automatic transmission manufacturers’ requirements and meets safety requirements.

 For repair, services provided in the company and replaced parts warranty period is provided from 6 to 12 months.