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LTD “Daivanta” first began work from car engine repairs. When automatic transmissions became more and more popular LTD “Daivanta” started to look for parts supplier’s from Europe and other countries to satisfy the needs of clients. 1995 year can be held as the beginning of work expansion. LTD “Daivanta„ started importing parts from USA Company BricoLtd for individual orders for automatic transmissions. This company suggested a big variety of spare parts for American and European cars with automatic transmissions. That helped to ensure high quality automatic transmission repairs and reduce the estimated time of repairs.

After successful negotiations in 1998 year with company Samko in Poland, LTD “Daivanta” became this company’s representative in Lithuania.

Since 2001 LTD “Daivanta” became an official Alto Products Corporation and Samko representative in the Baltic counties.

Since 2001 LTD “Daivanta” became an official Automatic Choice representative in Lithuania.

Since 2006 LTD “Daivanta” became an official Sonnax representative in Lithuania.

Since 2005 LTD “Daivanta” became ATSG group’s member.

Now LTD “Daivanta” is the biggest automatic transmission repairs company, who has specialized diagnostic tools. Also is one of the main spare parts for automatic transmissions supplier in Lithuania, that’s why LTD “Daivanta” can always give a lower price and operative parts delivery to Lithuania for LTD “Daivanta” clients.

Gathered experience and constant investments in diagnostic tools allows LTD “Daivanta” to take a step forward proceeding in complicated automatic transmission repairs. Participating in seminars organized by LTD “Daivanta” partners, where the latest information about automatic transmission repairs and exploitation is given, that is how personnel qualifications are constantly heightened. Gathered technical literature base – helps employees allowing them to accurately and quickly determine faults and resolve them, proceeding high quality automatic transmission repairs, helps inform clients about the right automatic transmission exploitation in the future. Our company clients are not just from Lithuania, but also from Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Brittan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Belgium.

Proceeding with automatic transmission repairs LTD “Daivanta” is following Company ĮST3410213-01 and Lithuania standardization department LST1438:2005 confirmed standards and automatic transmission manufacturer requirements. In the company for repairs and changed parts is given 12 months warranty term.