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How to avoid costly transmission repairs?

Modern transmissions are extremely sensitive to dirt and other fluids. The filter traps metal particles, shavings and other debris, during vehicle exploitation it is preventing them from contaminating the transmission fluid and extends transmission durability time. Metallic particles can cause transmission damage and vehicle breakdown.

As with any filtering system, the filter will eventually become loaded with debris and need to be replaced. The filtering matter on three-fourths of today's vehicles are made of felt. The dirt particles in these filters cannot be washed or flushed out. When they become clogged, they must be replaced.

Wire mesh filter matter is used in the remaining 25% of vehicles today.  This kind of filter is installed only in the vehicles that the manufacturer foresees replacement of filter during transmission repairs.

There is no such thing as a life-long filter. Over time, any transmission filter will get loaded with debris and will need to be replaced. Detergent additives won't solve the problem. They can't clean the contaminants from the transmission system and may clog the filter further.

A new transmission filter and oil change today; will cost less than tomorrow's investment in the repairs of whole transmission.