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Computer diagnostic: the diagnostic tools that our company has allow determining faults (breakdowns) not just in the automatic transmission but also in other vehicle system parts. Diagnostic tests show former and present faults that are recorded in the vehicle electric control modules, tests also allow to perform adaptations and check parameters. That is essential in determining automatic transmission faults.

In our company, we can provide all vehicle AT diagnostics. Diagnostics can be performed prophylactically when customer asks or when AT faults are noticed (that can be harsh gearshifts, in the dashboard appearing AT or check engine information lights, during oil changes and in other cases).

Diagnostics about present and former faults in electrical and mechanical parts (if the manufacturer provides information). Some faults are not seen using diagnostic tools, they are seen only when performing a test drive.

Adaptation (driving value cleanup):

This function is available in most new generation vehicles. Adaptation usually is done after AT repairs and when AT has some minor deficiencies (such as harsh gearshifts, gear retention and other irregularities).

AT programing (AT software update):

We can do programing for BMW, Audi and VW make vehicles. Programing usually is done after AT repairs and when AT performance is not smooth (such as harsh gearshifts, retention and other minor deficiencies).

If adaptation and programing does not prove to be helpful then the AT must be repaired.

Note: computer diagnostics just inform about the faults but DOES NOT SOLVE them.

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