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Converter replacement

Converter faults can be examined when vehicle is driving in idle speed and some vibrations are present (jerking), engine speed sailing can be examined visually. For some make vehicles these symptoms arise when shifting gears from 1st to 2nd and when vehicle is braking it is felt that automatic transmission does not release the gear, the gear seams to be held back and at the same time the engine might disengage.

If these symptoms are noted computer diagnostics must be done. After computer diagnostics procedure a test drive is provided and a decision is made about the converter replacement, because similar symptoms can be caused by other vehicle systems.

Replacing converter the oil, filter and for some vehicle makes solenoids have to be replaced as well, that is because it is responsible for converter performance and converter it self.

After provided repairs it is necessary to repeat computer diagnostics, remove adaptation values and make the test drive that usually takes up to 30-50km.

In our company only Polish restored or OE converters we have also tried other companies proposed restored converters but by the inner company quality assurance statistics, Polish restored converters are better quality and are time proven and realiable.

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